Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Easter Sprint Tri Continued...

Opps. I sent the post before I was ready.....

On May 3oth I am doing the Issaquah Triathlon and I am excited to try again. I have been doing more intense training and will mentally be more prepared for the cold weather (if we get some).

Even though I was terribly cold, it was exciting to see my friend finish her first triathlon and be the person that inspired her. Being involved in the sport of triathlon has so many positive attributes including bringing friends closer together. If my friend ever asks me to do a triathlon with her again, I will just suggest it be a little warmer and later in the season :)

Easter Sprint Tri

On April 11th 2009, I drove to Elma Washington to support a friend finish her first triathlon. Since it has been some time since I competed in this triathlon, I will make this short (although the picture says enough). The water was so cold my body could never get a complete breath of air. I think I only saw a small handful of people actually putting their heads in the water. My body was shaking on the bike portion and my feet were numb until the last ten minutes of the run. Needless to say, I will never do an early spring triathlon again (unless I get paid the big bucks). My face at the end says enough about how I think it went.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Mother's Day Half Marathon

It was a beautiful morning as I rose and began preparing to run the Kirkland Half Marathon, but I was worried. I had not gotten a run over 7 miles in in 3 weeks, my quads were screaming from a hard workout with Jenny 2 days earlier, and my hamstring issue was rearing its ugly head. I truly wondered if I would be able to run at all let alone finish the race. We began the run around 7:30am with my family looking on. My legs seemed to quiet down and I hardly noticed them. My husband and kids met me at around mile 6 with a quick energy drink and I was off again.

As I came up on the pedestrian bridge that crosses over 405, I saw the mountains spread out before me, the sky an almost iridescent blue, and the lake reflecting it perfectly. Just as my breath was escaping me, "Hallelujahs" the song by Chris Rice came on on my mp3 player. Don't know if you know it, but it paints all these beautiful pictures of creation and refrains, "My soul wells up in hallelujahs." I am and was in awe, not only of the beauty before me, but within me - that God has so designed our bodies to work together, to put all its faculties into the goal of running a race. My soul did well up in hallelujahs! And it didn't hurt that from that vantage point, it would seem that it was all downhill from there!

My hamstring wasn't particularly happy towards the end, but it held up. It's so much easier running a race than running alone. Those 13 mile runs alone are just killers (at least for me). I actually felt quite good running yesterday (although that's with 24 hours of rest I say that!) I was just wasted for the remainder of the day - and crampy.

I think next year I'll opt for the breakfast in bed before running a half marathon. (Read "I'll take the day off!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

My First TT

That dreaded alarm clock went off way too early this morning. The sun wasn’t even up yet. I managed to finally roll out of bed at 5:10 after hitting the snooze a few times. I quickly ate some breakfast, got ready, and loaded the car. When I walked outside I realized that this was not going to be a warm sunny day like I was expecting. But I still got into my car smiling, after-all, today is race day!

During the drive to Auburn I was surprised by how calm my nerves were. Part of that might have been due to the fact that I was in a caravan and didn't have to think about where I was going. I was definitely way more excited than nervous for this new experience of time trialing. We arrived super early and got prime parking spots on the road with plenty of room in between our cars to set up all 9 bike trainers. When I hopped out of the car, I quickly realized that a hat and a hood sweatshirt would have been a great addition to my wardrobe choice this morning! It was cold. So with chattering teeth, I checked in. I was anxious to get on my trainer and start warming up.
Warmed- up easy on the trainer for about 35-40 minutes chatting and listening to all the conversations going on around me. It was great to be surrounded by such awesome people and teammates. I felt so blessed to have so many supporters surrounding me, especially when it was my first time at this. It is so much easier to relax!

My start time was 9:17. I got off my trainer at about 8:50 as Lisa kindly reminded me to take my dreaded gu. Good news is, I had a raspberry flavored one (apparently if I were to have a favorite this one would be it), got it down in three quick sips with a little water, and best of all NO GAGGING. You should have seen my grin, I was pretty happy about that. Oh, the small joys in life.

I headed to the start at about 9:10. Then I had to get back out of line to change my gears, after another friendly reminder (thanks Lisa), I realized I was still in my small ring in front. Pulled up to the start at 9:16, clipped in or so I thought, then with 15 seconds left I pulled up my right foot and realized it wasn’t clipped in. I got a little frantic for a second, but readjusted clipped in with 5 seconds to spare and then I was off! I could hear the wonderful cheering of Sandy (you're awesome) from behind who would be leaving just a minute after me and later end up passing me (you speedster) J.

The ride was an experience. I have never pushed that hard for that long! My goals for this first time trial were to push as hard as I could, stay in my drops the entire time, and hopefully maintain an average speed of 20mph. I had no idea how challenging it would be to keep up that pace especially when the wind, at times, was trying to blow me over. I kept telling myself that my legs are strong and keep pushing it.

My turn-a-round was, lets say, a lot less than perfect. When I was getting close, one of the volunteers put up his hand like I was supposed to stop. I was so confused…this is a race here, why would you be telling me to hold up? So I slowed up a little, grrr, until he pointed me to the official turn around. After the turn around I noticed who he was a holding his hand to, the car that was "apparently" behind me. But, it had to have been way behind me because it was still pulling up to him after I had turned around. I probably lost 30 seconds through that whole thing, but lesson learned!

On the way back I was really trying to focus on my breathing, steady strong pedaling, and staying low. My drool soon started flapping in the breeze, appealing I know. Then I tried to spit even though I am a terrible at it and of course it ended up all over my front and shoulder. No good. Probably won’t try that again.

Anyway, I tried picking up the pace the last few miles as best I could (which really turned into not slowing down) and sprinted to the end once I caught sight of the finish. Crossing that finish line felt so great!
As for my legs, they were complete jell-o. After hearing about the race from those who were back already, I put on my running shoes and ran for 20 minutes. It didn’t take too long to warm-up, and the run back felt great. It was good to get my legs moving again.
I managed to accomplish all 3 of my goals, learned a lot, and left myself a ton of room for improvement. I am excited to see where things go from here! It was an awesome day racing and spending time with teammates! I am so looking forward to more great times.

Running with the dogs

April 16th, 2009 by Lisa Worthington


Now that my achilles is on the mend, I have begun running again. Some may call it jogging, others “speedwalking”. If both feet are not on the ground at the same time, I’m calling it running! Having limited soft surfaces to run on, I had the great idea to kill two birds with one stone. Get my dog exercise and MYSELF at the same time. So off to the dog park we go. Running at the dog park, just Rally (my yellow lab) and myself. This has recently become my favorite new running course. It is super soft (wood chips), beautiful landscaping (well for a dog) and fun dogs to watch.

Woof.. Look at that silly human trying to run.. woof

Woof.. Look at that silly human trying to run.. woof

I have learned some amazing insight from these four legged creatures. Every single dog that runs, is happy! These dogs are actually EXCITED to be running. In fact some actually BEG for it. They will bark and bark until an object is thrown so that they can RUN for it. What is it that they know that I don’t know. I am never this happy to run. Yes, it feels good sometimes, even better afterwards when you are done. Not only the fact that you are no longer running, but the feeling of accomplishment, that your legs were able to move you faster than a walk and the internal great feeling that your muscles have after a workout. …. but Begging for it? So I put myself in the dogs shoes (paws) and think what would it take to get me THAT excited about running. Someone throwing a big gooey brownie across the room? maybe i’d outrun my kids for it, but only across the room. I picture the carrot stick (who thought of carrots? are you kidding, or was that reference for rabbits? Im confused. Maybe dangle a brownie on a stick for 8 miles …. nope, pretty sure I wouldn’t run for it.

Is it wrong to run at the dog park without a dog? I have also done this but felt a little wierd. If someone looks at me funny I just whistle and call Rally’s name as if she has just run off. Maybe I’ll just run with a tennis ball to make it look legit. :)

I really don’t know, all I know is I want what those dogs have!

Is is wrong to swim with them too?

Is is wrong to swim with them too?

Awesome reverse transition

Awesome reverse transition

Oops....Did I Tri THAT?

April 12th, 2009 by Tracy Miklula

None of us are perfect triathletes; we all begin as novices, making many mistakes along the way–some more outrageous or embarrassing than others. But it is these mistakes that teach us, often making us laugh in the process (”You mean you’re not suppose to eat that before a race?!).

This post is a place to share the wisdom we have gained with others on the team, in the hopes that it will either prevent them from making the same mistake, or at least make them laugh. Are you willing and humble enough to admit your mistakes? I’ll go first….

I’ve learned never to put an open bag of Clif bloks in my team jersey…before the swim. They dissolve (duh!).

The Trials of Time Trialing

This is what my backside looked like :)

Today was my first official race of the season, a time trial. You really have to just love this weather in the NW. I awoke to about 1/2 inch snow on the ground, checked the temperature and it was 31 degrees. So I decided I would drive to the course and let them cancel it for me, so I didn’t have to look like the whimp.

I brought the team tent just in case it was raining. We arrived at the course to hear word of a roll over accident down the highway…. the road was closed for them investigate and tow it away. The combination of this and the slushy / icey roads was a cause for concern for the race director. Tom said his car was slipping on the road on the way to the course. He was pulling out. Smart man! Marcus and Julian were eager as this was their first TT.

A 30 minute delay was announced so we headed to the car to crank the heat and stay warm. Kris couldn’t stop shivering. I was pretty cold too. A second delay was announced of 30 more minutes. Geesh, I could have slept in!! Finally we got on our bikes to warm up. Yes, it does help to actually raise your body temperature if you warm up. I was warm and shed my sweats and hat (kept the gloves on though).

It seams like no matter how prepared I feel like I am, it is always a rush at the end to get ready and make it to the start line. I misplaced my number (note, pin it on right away) and had to get a new one. Thank Neal He’s great! No problem there with helping the dummy ;0

I check in at the start line, then road away to do a spin up and noticed on my way back to the start line that my computer was not working. I realized after looking at my wheel that I had not switched over my magnet for the computer. I frantically looked around for someone I knew who had just finished who I could borrow one from. Nobody! I even asked (jokingly) the UBRDO guy holding my bike if he happend to have one in his pocket. Oh well, no HR monitor (low battery) and no computer. This would be interesting.

I actually focused better on this race because I did not have the “distraction” of the computers numbers. I would really had liked to get my HR average though. bummer! So good race, going only on RPE (which felt like 12 jk) I just kept pickin them off. one by one. I had one pass me, a young one :) I didn’t feel too bad. The corners were awesome, never left aero position. Oh, just remembered I threw my bottle at ne8th I need to go back and get it. I liked that one. (yes, I forgot to leave that at the start).

I ended up 4th in AG, Audry 3rd, Annette 2nd and KRis 1st. Kris won AG and overall. Nicely done. Tried to run afterward. REalized I think im pulling out of CA after the bike. Its the only smart thing to do. ( I usually don’t do the smart thing, but Im gonna try this time). I want to do well in Boise, so Im going to try to get healthy.

I didn’t realize how dirty I was until I rinsed out my knickers. They were full of dirt as was my bike which took an hour to clean. Next stop for the Cervelo…. sunny Cali. :)


Still Raining?!?

March 28th, 2009 by Lisa Worthington

Does anyone have a ticket to Arizona they would like to donate?

Green Valley Time Trial

April 28th, 2009 by Lisa Worthington

What a fun day! It was exciting for me because TF had two newbies out on the course. My day started early meeting up at Marymore for the caravan. Wrong choice on vehicles, I should have taken Kris up on her offer of hers as it has seat heaters :) green-river-time-trial-april-09-0271

We arrived nice and early and got a great spot right at the start line with room for everyone to warm up. I was determined to NOT be late or hurried this time. After warming up I got off my bike with 20 min. to spare. I changed my wheel out (putting on my speedy zipp wheel) and had Kris help putting on my number. She didn’t have a start time until about 30min. later. I knew I had to use the restroom but I noticed my time was running short and I had to check out my bike on the road. I had to unfortunately let Kris fend for herself for number pinning (this was mistake number one - don’t ever leave your wingman …. she suffered later). I road down, found the restroom and as I was riding back up to the start, I heard them call my name. Darn it! late again, no I still had like 5 min. I still needed a sip of water, to put on my booties as my feet were cold, check my computers, give Louise and Clarise a pep talk, find someone to take pictures, check on Louise to see if she had any questions etc. etc. I rolled to the line and asked the guy how much time, he said 4 min. “do I have enough time to put on my booties” “yes, if you hurry” he said. I’m gone! This is why you park close to the start :)

I quickly roll back to my car, put on my booties, order Gary around to help, ask him to grab the camera, and roll back up. 1.5 min. to go. Yes! I made it. Check my computer - yes, Tell Louise to check her computers and HR monitor (she was a few behind me). Ooops, so worried about others, that I forget to check MY hr monitor. didn’t realize till I started riding. Darn!

The clock clicks down and Im off. Great speed feeling good, head down and don’t look around. I hit the turn around at 13:55. Wow, Im on pace for a great time. Coming back was harder. I finally with 3 miles left found some riders ahead. My goal, find Bill and pass him :) The first riders I thought was Bill, nope, keep going. Oh then I see him and another. Gotta ride harder, legs dying! I pass him and another, 200 meters to go. Hold it, Hold it. Wow, I beat my time byabout 30 seconds. I felt great. Couldn’t talk though, snot running across my face, drool hanging. Gotta love this sport ! :) Did I beat Tom??? Darn. he got me by 3 sesconds! Next time, watch out Tom!

Finish time 27:47 Place cat 4’s 2nd