Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter training plans

As a triathlete, I occasionally find living in Seattle challenging...especially in the winter. The short days make training more challenging; the swimming, cycling and running all create unique challenges.

When my alarm goes off at 4:30 AM for my morning swim it actually feels like 2 AM and I find it easy to just hit the snooze - not just once but at least 5 times or to the first hint of day light. Often thinking that bowling would be a more suitable sport!

A run is less of a shock to my system yet I rarely can avoid the cold and wet. Soggy shoes are imminent! The glowing from my lime green clothing so that I can be seen by drivers makes me feel like a car flare. If I could only find treadmills more desirable!

With lights and fenders added to my bike, cycling remains my favorite however I am surprised at how many friends choose not to answer their phones or respond to my e-mails when I am searching for a riding partner. Although warmer and drier, spinning in the garage just isn't the same - although more entertaining when Lisa turns it into a Karaoke session and holds onto the microphone (a Nuun bottle serves this purpose) singing her favorite 80's tune. Yes, it is worth dropping by for a spin!

So just when when winter training seems a bit more challenging and hibernation seems like a great idea Lisa, my training partner and warm blooded friend has what she claimed to BE A GREAT IDEA...that should have been my first clue!

Her idea, 'Lets make a Team FASTT Christmas card to send to our friends, members and sponsors!' Her idea seemed so simple; snap a picture, print the cards and mail them out. Before agreeing I failed to ask the important questions such as, "What are your ideas for this picture"?

They were endless: lights around the bikes, running in the snow (should we find some), swimming outdoors...did I hear her right? Arguing is useless....she doesn't take NO easily!

Here we are; middle of the winter, thirty two degrees outside with the lake water below twenty degrees (or did it just feel like it), standing out there in our wetsuit. I begged for the simple request of just zipping up my wetsuit and standing on shore but apparently that was not in her plans...wetsuit was only to be pulled up to the waist so we could sport our TF tri top. Yes, they look good but they are made for warm weather....couldn't we wait until spring to show them off? Apparently not! There we stood in the icy waters of Cottage Lake with frozen feet and shivering bodies trying to smile but all I could mutter, as seen in the photo, was "I think we must have misread the winter training plan!"

Thank God we have now received our winter clothing....I can be spotted out there on my bike or trotting up the hills but you won't be seen in Cottage Lake until late spring!

I hope that you all had a memorable Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all when we come out of hibernation!

Happy New Year.