Monday, October 12, 2009

Stacy Wingard "You are an Ironman"

I was reminded at our Teamfastt end of season get-together that i had not yet posted my race report so here it goes....
Ironman Canada began for me last August 2008 when I made the trip to Penticton BC to volunteer and sign up for the 2009 race. It was a step of faith. It was going to take alot of "growing" over the next year to be ready for the 140.6 mile distance. almost unconceivable. I knew I would have to become a different person in a few areas. After serious training from March thru August I was ready. I had become diciplined to the core. I put in every training day according to my plan. (working your plan the key to not becoming overwhelmed with the amount of training you will do. It gradually builds and by the time you are logging huge miles it's all in a days work...because you are accustomed to the routine) I had trained in rain, freezing weather, a foot of snow, and 103 degree heat so figured i was as ready as i could be. I arrived in Penticton with my friends and iron training buddies Nikki Bender and Clarise Mahlner. we spent the first couple days registering, doing taper workouts and trying to rest up. We met up with other ironman friends Kathryn Kleppinger and Jo Ann Sittig, and Cindy Rach. It was such a cool thing this year to come back as one of the athletes racing the ironman!